biography of amit bhadana


Today we will talk about a YouTuber who has struggled a lot in his life. today we fought about him Biography of Amit bhadana and how did they do it. Amit’s girlfriend’s name is Riya Mavi

Amit Bhadana started his career at a very young age. Amit Bhadana was born on 7th September 1994 in Faridabad and he is 26 years old. His is new video 2022

About Amit:-

He did not have any interest in studies, but his mother and father wanted him to study and illuminate his name. And he did a diploma in law from Delhi University.

Amit enjoys making people laugh, one day he put his video on Facebook and he got a very good response from it. And then he uploaded more and more videos to Facebook.

Biography of Amit bhadana

YouTuber journey:-

One of his videos which was on the boarder and people liked it very much, a friend of Amit told him that you put all these videos on YouTube. And that’s where Amit Bhadana’s journey began.

Amit did a broken research that in the same way that other people are making videos in the same way, then they started making videos in native language.


He did not get such a good response in starting because he was not so much expert in YouTube career yet. When he used to make videos on YouTube, his friends used to make him negative, but Amit did not listen to anyone, while working, he became the star of YouTube.

When you start your career in life, people will always pull you back, you just have to make people sing and keep focus in your work.

Biography of Amit bhadana

YouTube channel:-

And his YouTube channel is so famous that there is a message at the end of his video which people like. And they have 23+ million subscribers on YouTube so far, you can understand from here.

Amit’s monthly income is approx 5+ millions And he has also got many awards for Best Youtuber. That’s Biography of Amit bhadana.

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