I am going to tell you about a cool rapper, you know him, you can tell his name by commenting. We are going to talk about emiway bantai networth 2022

What am I going to tell you today, I am going to tell you today that which new songs of emiway bantai has come from 2022 7 days ago, a new song of emiway bantai networth 2022 also came, where is his name but if I do not listen to you, then go and listen soon.

And today we will also know which songs emiway bantai has got so many views and how much is his net worth.

Emiway bantai networth 2022

Independent Rapper:-

Emiway bantai is an International Indian Singer and an International Rapper and his age is 26 years old he is an Independent Rapper. He does not belong to any industry like Bollywood, Hollywood and Punjabi but he has also done with that.

He started his career at a very young age, that’s why today he is successful in a very young age and his stage name is Emiway bantai. His real name is Sharukh Bilala Shaik and he has father and mother in his family, let me tell you one more thing that his father looks like broken Sharuk Khan.

Emiway bantai networth 2022

Networth 2022:-

Now we know that how much is Emiway bantai net worth. His total income is 5 million US dollars Means 29 crores in Indian Rupees. If we calculate his monthly, then it is 30 lakhs, this is the empire that Emiway bantai has done on his own terms, makes solutes for his.

Now let’s start with how many views he has got for his entire song. You can share it with all your Emiway bantai fans by sharing the link of our website.

  1. Kapa per hu me (637k views in 10 hours)
  2. Ruthless (3.2M in 1 month)
  3. Raja (4.5M in 1 month)
  4. street talk (5,5M in a 2 month)
  5. Shukriya (1,3M in 2 month)
  6. That’s how i feel (5..6M in a 2 month)
  7. Heal (3.4M in a 2 month)
  8. Macheyenge 3 (39M in 9 month)
  9. Jamaica (49m in 10 month)
  10. Grind (75M in 11 month) etc

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