Today we did a movie. Will and Btauga your end of it you have a surprise. We about Prithviraj comes to know of today that was. How his death when ever and who is and also taking about Prithviraj Chauhan death date

The date of death of Prithaviraj Chauhan was in 1192. Samyukta, also known as Sanyogita or Sanjukta, was the daughter of Jaichand. The King of Kannauj, and one of three wives of Prithviraj Chauhan….

Lead by Akshay Kumar:-

A movie is going to come on them also, who are leading Akshay Kumar, you are exercise to watch this movie. Prithviraja III, popularly known as Prithviraj Chauhan or Rai Pithora, was a ruler from the Chauhan dynasty who ruled the territory of Sapadalaksha, with his capital at Ajmer.

Calling Prithviraj Chauhan A Gurjar King Is An Act Of Identity Grabbing:  Rajput Body

The extant inscriptions from Prithviraj’s reign are few in number and were not issue by the king himself. Much of the information about him comes from the medieval legendary chronicles. Some sources say that Samyukta committed Jauhar in the 12th century in the fort of Ajmer. Other sources, however, quote that she escaped the battlefield with her dasis and died being Sati after hearing the death news of Prithviraj Chauhan.

Besides the Muslim accounts of Battles of Tarain, he has been mention in several medieval kavyas (epic poems) by Hindu and Jain authors. These include Prithviraja Vijaya.


Hammira Mahakavya and Prithviraj Raso. These texts contain eulogistic descriptions, and are, therefore, not entirely reliable. Prithviraja Vijaya is the only surviving literary text from the reign of Prithviraj.

Prithviraj Raso, which popularize Prithviraj as a great king, is purported to be written by his court poet Chand Bardai.

However, it contains many exaggerated accounts, much of which is not useful for the purposes of history. that is Prithviraj Chauhan death date


Most medieval sources state that Prithviraj was taken to the Chahamana capital Ajmer, where Muhammad planned to reinstate him as a Ghurid vassal. Sometime later, Prithviraj rebelled against Muhammad, and was kill for treason.

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